Our NRFit Injectors

In the field of Regional Anesthesia, Luer connection is used as a standard for the connection of syringes, cannula, tubing and other accessories. At present, the Luer connection has become a universal connection model in medical and clinical applications. Due to the use of incorrect and irrelevant connections and routines in drug and infusion applications, the increase in the number of cases resulting in death has led to a discussion of the risks of widespread use of Luer connectors.

Further studies on the definition of connectors used in different medical applications were transferred to the ISO Technical Committee (ISO/TC 210/JWG 4) with the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2007 identifying the risk of incorrect connection as a patient risk. As a result of the studies, ISO has published the ISO 80369 standard series, which includes the first drafts of the alternative medical connection types, and the final version of the 80369-6 series, which defines the connector properties of this standard series for Neuroaxial applications, was approved in March 2016. According to the ISO definition, "Neuraxial Application Areas ’’ includes the following, and the connectors used in the application shall be referred to as NRFit.

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