Re-usable Clean Room Mats - THREE STEP

Usage Areas

- Operating theaters

- Intensive care units

- Class 100 / 10.000 / 100.000 Clean Rooms

- Electronics industry “Electronic chip, precision circuits, integrated circuits, radio industry” / Food industry

- Medical industry “Invasive medical device production areas”

- Dialysis centers

- Nanotechnology laboratories


Coefficient of Friction: 2.02 (ASTM C 1028) 4.05 TORTUS

Resistance to Heavy Loads: 84.5 kg/cm

Temperature Resistance: 0 to 50 ° C

Toxicity: Not toxic.

X-Ray/Gamma Rays: Not Affected

Anti-static Property: Eliminates static.


- Three Step contamination mats have high friction force.

- The surface is fixedly sticky. When contaminated, it can be cleaned with any detergent.

- The adhesiveness is repeated on the surface after cleaning and this process can be repeated for about 5 years.

- The flat surface retains particles by electromagnetism, known as "AN VAN DER WAALS" theory. Smooth surface draws 98- 0% (at least in 3 steps) of particles on the rough surface when it contacts the rough surface.

- It is anti-static. Protects employees from damages caused by static electricity.

- It is anti-bacterial and prevents bacterial growth and spread. Tested (PSEUDONOMAS AERUGONOSA and STAPHYLOCORCUS AUREUS).

- The main purpose of the Three Step, which is required to be used in the entrance of clean rooms and operating theaters, is to prevent particles from entering the space.

- Extremely economical in daily cost calculations.

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